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Quest is a leading provider of pediatric therapy services for children with developmental, psychological, & physical disabilities.  We offer Equine-Assisted Therapy, as well as Occupational, Physical, Speech Communication and Early Intervention.

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Pediatric Therapy

Physical, Occupational, and Speech & Language Communication Therapy


Equine Assisted Therapy/Hippotherapy

School Based Therapy 

Early Intervention

Special Instruction

Family-Centered Therapy


Clinical Affiliation Site for Pediatric Therapy Students

What Parents Are Saying about Quest Services and Milestones Met!

I know that Hippotherapy (Equine-Assisted Therapy) gave Abby confidence.  She finally mastered the goal of alternating feet while going up a flight of stairs.  This may seem insignificant, but to the kid who's peers always flew past her on the steps while she needed an adult hand to help her - now she can do it herself, this was a golden moment for us all!

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